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Miracles N' Progress
Fishing Tournament 4 Kids

Miracles N' Progress is always looking for innovative ways to bring "Life Experiences"  that will enrich the lives of children who are in the battle with cancer and other serious illnesses.  We believe in empowering these children to catch a special thrill by taking them on a fun-filled day of fishing, activities and celebrating them as loved and valuable, and encouraging them to believe that anything is possible, and that they are truly MIRACLES N' PROGRESS. In addition, we believe in coming along side and supporting their families and strengthening communities through various activities. 


This event is about bringing them to the outdoors to experience the sport of fishing!  There are specific needs that will make this an enjoyable event for these families.


There are many opportunities to make this event special for some really special children in our area. Get involved and make a difference in the lives of others!

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