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Want To Volunteer?

We love to make kids smile and laugh. Their bright eyes give us life and you're here because you believe in the power of a "Miracle Moment".  Giving your time to help a sick child is one of the most generous gifts you can give. Miracles N' Progress provides quality of life experiences to children with cancer through programs and events that we organize each year, with the help of volunteers like you. Through "Memory Maker" events, we bring smiles, laughter, and distraction to cancer stricken children.

Joining Miracles N' Progress provides a support circle of experience, positive reinforcement, education, and momentum and most important FUN. We invite you to explore what it means to become a MNP Miracle Worker.

Cancer affects one in every 300 hundred boys and one in every 333 girls before the age of twenty, leading to a large population of children with cancer.  The incidence for childhood cancer is highest in the first year of life, when a child’s physical and emotional being is at its most delicate stage.  

Diagnosis and treatment can overwhelm a family, forcing them to forget that patient is still a person.  Numerous children touched by Miracles N' Progress have undergone a personality transformation during our events.  From being tired and shy, to dancing and sharing their new make-over with anyone in sight, children revel in the joy of their youth.

The nature of our programs is simple - One Moment...One Miracle Changes Everything!

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