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Message From Our Founder

I was raised in a culture of community service, the humble beginnings of Miracles N’ Progress was created because of a deep rooted passion and how good it felt to help others smile and find moments of happiness regardless of what they were going through.  These moments taught me the most important lessons of my life.

I’ve learned from working with the children and their families that it is really very simple —kids fight to stay kids. As children do, they have an optimistic mindset. Even though some of them have illnesses that will take their lives, they somehow always hold on to their innocence. If these kids can stay optimistic about their personal struggles, so can the rest of us!

People always ask me what keeps me from getting burnt out from the emotional demands of running this kind of organization. I always answer the same. The things that energize me most are the stories I hear about children and families we’ve helped with a smile.That efforts put forth by all of the volunteers and sponsors of this organization have made a real impact to the heart of the fight for these children and their families. Their stories and strength continue to inspire me.

As Miracles N’ Progress continues to grow, I think more and more about new ways that our organization can become more valuable to the community.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope this motivates you to become involved in Miracles N’ Progress. Throughout the website, you’ll find the photos of children we’ve helped and more information about our programs. Let the smiles touch your heart and enjoy the innocence of happiness from our bravest warriors.

Kindest Regards,

Trina Eakins

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