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The                           of  Miracles N' Progress

Miracles N' Progress is a St Louis area based 501(c)3 non-profit that provides ongoing events, activities and a powerful and unique support to children and their families who have a child with cancer or other life-threatening illness. Miracles N' Progress volunteers surround these remarkable children and their families with a message of hope and support with the belief that miracles truly are always in progress.

What started from the realization of a need in our community, the Miracles N' Progress founder, Trina Eakins made it a personal mission to reach those going through hardship and bringing joy back into their lives. Basically, letting kids be kids..

Miracles N' Progress creates miracles that help children feel stronger and more willing to battle their illness. The events that MNP creates allow families the time to spend with their child, without having to worry about the everyday, allowing the child and their family to live and enjoy the day!

The organization started in 2013 and has grown every year helping local cancer warriors, and kids battling serious illnesses...  One Moment...One Miracle at a time.

Whether it be through "Rockstar" Wishes, or assistance with everyday needs Miracles N' Progress focuses on the joy of the child.

We believe that it's in those moments....It changes everything.


We are very fortunate to have the ongoing support of parents, friends, family members and caring individuals from the community who have come together to make our events and services a reality.  These special individuals play a key role in the lives of children and the families that we serve.  At the heart of Miracles n' Progress is a team of dedicated staff of volunteers. Everyone a passionate and skilled group of professionals dedicated to helping families with a child with a critical illness.

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