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Great Esteemed Honorable Mayor of “Celebration City”  $15,000 or greater
PR photo opportunity representative of your company will attend to do a live check presentation of your donation with our Green Guest!  Miracles N Progress will present the Mayor with the Cape and Sash to present to the whole Celebration City community. This includes all benefits of the Corporate and Interactive sponsorship. Possible Live TV coverage, not guaranteed. Includes a table of 8 to the event and a picture with the "Green One" and Miracle team.


Corporate Sponsorship $2,500 - We will put large logos on your business on the front page of our website and event page along with a link to your website. All Corporate Sponsors will get 10’ x 10’ area to set up interactive holiday experience at the event and logo will be on a sign by Mr. and Mrs. Clause during picture taking times. This includes Interactive sponsorship benefits. Possible Live TV coverage, not guaranteed. Includes a table for 8.

Entire batting cage space at the event $750 - Get a full area of the batting cage to set up a fun holiday activity for families while promoting your business. This will also include a banner and decoration in honor of your business being part of Celebration City. Space is nearly 25’ x 10’. Only 6 spots available.


Interactive Sponsorship $500 (Best BANG for your Buck!) -Sponsors in return get radio announcements, media coverage on all signage, website, and social media coverage of the event. Picture with the green guest and Miracle team the day of the event. Including table for 8 guest.


Table at the event $250   -  One area to set up a 6’ table to have a fun holiday activity while promoting your business.

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