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Lodging Sponsorship

With your help, we can shelter our Miracles N' Progress kids and their family so that they can have a weekend of a lifetime!  All of our families spend a great deal of time in treatments, hospitals and the monetary strain on these families make it impossible for family time out of the medical environment.  At Miracles N' Progress we are on a mission to provide experiences for these children, away from the fight to do what children need to do BE KIDS!  Please sponsor a family for the weekend to help provide this much needed break for them. 


To sponsor a Cabin for the weekend it will provide (for Family of 4):

  • Gas Card to get to the event

  • Lodging for 2 days

  • Food and activities

There are 20 Cabins available that are in Need of sponsorship to make this a reality.  The Sponsorship is tax-deductable. Please consider in this life changing experience.

Please Note: Unless this event is cancelled, there will be NO refunds. 100% of the funds will go directly to expenses and Miracles N' Progress, who supports families and the children who are battling cancer and serious illnesses.

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