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Boat Captain Registration

There is no doubt about the fact that our wonderful boat captains and shore volunteers are the heroes of the day for the Fishing 4 Miracles event.  They are the ones who make the day possible and do a great job of sharing the joy of fishing with the children  and their families. But they do so much more than simply showing the kids how to fish. They make the kids feel loved and special, and that is worth more than any fish!

Being a volunteer boat captain at Fishing 4 Miracles Kids event is a very rewarding experience. 

Boaters, please don’t worry about what kind of boat you own, and whether or not it would be an appropriate vessel to bring Fishing 4 Miracles Kids event. Any boat that is safe and has a capacity for three or more people is a great boat to take a child and their parent fishing in.  Volunteer boat captains show up with every kind of boat you can imagine, from an old 1950’s clunker to a 2019 model right off the showroom floor.  Guess what?  The kids don’t care what kind of boat they ride in, and they don’t know the difference between boats anyhow.  At Miracles, we love old boats!  We love the men and women that captain old boats even more!

Our focus is on making a child’s day very special, and you can be the one who touches a child’s life in a very special way, no matter what kind of boat you own.
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